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Parece que esta semana de alucinaciones termina y poco a poco voy recobrando la conciencia mientras continuo completa, legal y oficialmente drogado: Bisolvon, Gelocatil, Zinnat. ¿Quién le pone el nombre a los medicamentos?
He dado mi primer paseo, corto y extraño. Todavía no estoy preparado para procesar toda la información, y a la mitad del camino hubiera cerrado los ojos y me hubiera dejado llevar con tal de no absorber más dosis de realidad. Dos calles dan para una novela, o quizás no, pero con novela o sin ella me he tenido que guardar en el bolsillo la mitad de las impresiones para procesarlas en la merienda, así estaba la cosa. Me he tomado mi primer café en seis días, y luego he encontrado una canción para el video mental de esta mañana:

So there was this woman and she was on an airplane, and she was flying to meet her fiancé seaming high above the largest ocean on planet earth. She was seated next to this man she had tried to start conversations, but the only thing she had really heard him say was to order his Bloody Mary. She was sitting there and she was reading this really argues magazine article about a third world country that she couldn’t even pronounce the name of. And she was feeling very bored and despondent. And then suddenly there was this huge mechanical failure and one of the engines gave out, and they started just falling thirty-thousand feet, and the pilots on the microphone and he’s saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, oh my god” and apologizing. And she looks at the man and says “Where are we going?” and he looks at her and he says “We’re going to a party. It’s a birthday party. It’s your birthday party. Happy birthday darling. We love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very much.”

Un comienzo atípico para una maravillosa canción de folk: At The Bottom Of Everything de Bright Eyes, sigue una letra irónica y muy inteligente que termina así:

Oh my mornings coming back
The whole world’s waking up
In the city buses are swimming past
I’m happy just because
I found out I’m really no one

Quizás esto último es lo que me haya convencido para elegirla como banda sonora del comienzo del resto de mi vida.


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