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Imagine combining your love for bouncing balls and your obsession for taking pictures into one, now it has a name SatuGO. Simply Throw SatuGO into the motive to catch the moment, where it hits you get a picture, or take air photos by activating the timer before throwing the SatuGO. Other than being a camera SatuGO can act as a mobile storage facility for your personal data and function as a webcam. Help us realize this product by joining the SatuGO mailing list and be one of the first to be offered a SatuGO! chances for realization increases with the amount of people joining the list.

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In Calcutta’s red light district, over 7,000 women and girls work as prostitutes. Only one group has a lower standing: their children. Zana Briski became involved in the lives of these children in 1998 when she first began photographing prostitutes in Calcutta. Living in the brothels for months at a time, she quickly developed a relationship with many of the kids who, often terrorized and abused, were drawn to the rare human companionship she offered.

Zana held weekly photography workshops between 2000 and 2003. There the children learned camera basics, lighting, composition, the development of point-of-view, editing, and sequencing for narrative. To Zana’s delight, equipped with inexpensive point-and-shoot 35mm cameras, the children produced incredible work. Their images are explosions of color: self-portraits, family pictures, street scenes, stunning tableaus of Bengali life.


Un propuesta noble de unos amigos de Canarias, y de la que orgullosamente formo parte:

Fotógrafos Solidarios es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro de reciente constitución. Como su nombre indica se trata de un colectivo formado fundamentalmente por fotógrafos que ponen su mirada a disposición de los fines de la asociación.

El principal fin es la concienciación a través de imágenes de problemáticas de índole social, así como poner una cámara al servicio de colectivos que coincidan con los fines de la asociación

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