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  1. Tomy Pelluz #
    diciembre 2, 2012

    I save this comment to the article in NYTimes, I think it’s worthy:

    If these so-called reality shows were really about reality, they’d be rather tawdry and boring. But they are scripted to within an inch of their lives, so they are just tawdry instead.

    I’ve seen enough of the type of people you’ve described to know I don’t want to associate with them. I certainly would never make it a point to actually have to turn on my moldering television set (if it still works after all these years of neglect) to have them in my living room. No thank you.

    I spent 15 years of my life watching television for a living (don’t ask), and I believe these so-called reality shows were instrumental in sucking any life out of television. I’d rather not bother watching horrible people do horrible things. That’s not entertaining, it’s sadistic.

    (Of course the worst 15 minutes I ever spent was when I was forced to watch The Apprentice while visiting family. That quarter hour of watching a vile man in a comb-over, prominent and overt product placement, and a bunch of masochistic sycophants was excruciating. At one point I stood up and fled the room for the safety of shopping at a mall on Black Friday–really. I do not understand how this show stays on the air–can someone explain it to me, please.)

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